How to prepare a room for wallpaper removal

How to prepare for wallpaper removal

You finally did it.

You made the first step in getting a new look for your home by calling in help to remove your wallpaper. You still need to pick your colors, find new curtains, and maybe call a painter, hoping it all doesn’t clash with your furniture.

Relax, breathe and take each step one at a time. This is supposed to be fun and exciting.

Removing wallpaper and painting are messy steps in getting the new look you want in your home.

Start your decorating project from top to bottom of your room.

It works best to start with the ceilings, then the walls, and finally the floors. It is recommended to finish the walls and ceiling before installing new flooring, finishing floors, and cleaning the carpets.

I have made a quick reference list to help you prepare for the contractor, whether it’s for wallpaper removal, wallpaper hanging, or painting.

Put away your personal and fragile items.

This way you will know where your personal items are when you want them.

Move the furniture and electronics away from the walls.

We ask for a 3-foot wide path around the room for workspace and ladders.

Take things down from the walls.

This includes the curtains, fabric blinds, pictures, and anything else hanging from the walls. Also, please remove the nails and straight pins. If you have a large nail or screw you want to keep, go ahead and leave it. We can’t always see the smaller nails when washing your wall and could cut ourselves. Let us know if your curtains are going back up so we don’t remove their brackets.

Clear off the counters.

We spray water on your walls to loosen the paste and it will drip on whatever is around. This will also help us when cleaning up.

Pull out your fridge.

If there is wallpaper behind your refrigerator, it would be very helpful if it was pulled out a little. When there is a water line, we will not push the fridge all the way back. The seal on the water line become brittle and could leak when the fridge is moved.  We ask that you check the line form time to time through the day for a puddle.

So pick your new colors, change the curtains, add accessories, and enjoy your new room.