Wall Prep & Repair

Part of removing wallpaper and wall covering is preparing the walls for what is next. Whether you are painting, wallpapering, or any other creative covering, we can prepare the surface for you.  With the recent high need of wallpaper removal, scheduling this work may be limited.

By wall preparation, we mean doing the repairs and priming if you request it. Removing the wall coverings can cause damage for many different reasons. One of those, and most common, is the walls were not sealed properly. For the wallpaper adhesive to bond correctly, the walls need to have a smooth washable surface by primer and paint. If nothing was applied beforehand, removing the wallpaper will badly tear and damage the drywall.

If the walls were just primed then you have a 50/50 chance of damage. Painting with no primer can be as bad as nothing at all, with the paint (and sometimes drywall) coming off with the paper. Many think of Sizing as a sealer which will help in the removal process later. Sizing was made to go on bare plaster walls to create a barrier so the wallpaper adhesive would have something to stick to. Drywall and many of today’s paper does not need sizing.

Included in wall repair are cracks, corners, holes, and most anything that has to be fixed on your walls and ceiling.  Foundation settling cracks are found in almost everyone’s home at some point. Many times they formed around doors or windows and can hide under your wallpaper. Corners can be the same way with the drywall tape wrinkling or pulling away.

Holes that are made from nails, anchors, bathroom tissue holders, or even angry teenagers can easily be fixed. What we fix the most are the damages made from removing wallpaper.

After two decades of practice, we can make your walls as smooth as when they were first put up.